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Alessandra Gariboldi - Introducing AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT


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Overall, Audience Development is a transversal phenomenon which cross-cuts not only specific cultural policies addressed to support access and participation in the cultural sector but also policies addressed to support cultural access and participation in a broader sense, as well as policies aiming at fostering cultural consumption by young people and the use of new technologies. Generally speaking, the concept evolved from an almost purely marketing-oriented approach to a more holistic and processional vision of AD as a multi-faceted means aimed at deepening, strengthening and widening the relationship between cultural institutions and different audiences. So what is actually Audience Development? What does Europe mean for AD in 2017? And more generally, do we all mean the same when we talk about it? Why is it so important for cultural and social development? What does “good” AD look like?

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Alessandra Gariboldi - Introducing AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT