Children and Youth Programs

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Slobodanka Mišković - Children and Youth Programs


Razvoj publike i uključenost zajednice

The Art-kino is a platform for developing Rijeka’s audiovisual culture. It’s not just a place to go see a film but also a hub of discussion, communication, exploration, and education. Precisely because of this special attention is given to developing film going habits in children and the young, and motivating them to watch, understand, and make their own films. In many aspects of their lives children and the young create and share moving images and the digital world and community are becoming increasingly larger parts of their reality. Be-cause of this it is necessary to consider the ways we could help them develop skills necessary to understand, interpret, and apply the language of the cinema. The Art-kino has several continuous educational projects, of which the most known and successful is the “Škola u kinu” (“School in the cinema”) one, made in cooperation with local elementary and high schools. The project resulted in over nine thousand local schoolchildren visiting the Art-kino during the school year and having an opportunity to acquaint themselves with valuable films. Educational programs developed in cooperation with local schools are one of the key programming goals of the Art-kino institution. They are an important cultural and social value for the community we’re active in and are also the Art-kino’s key development potential.

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Slobodanka Mišković - Children and Youth Programs